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From the deepest, darkest depths of beyond comes......
Dark-Surreal-Twisted Soundtracks of a Tortured Soul.
Heavy Gyrating Beats and Tribal Rhythms Penetrated by Hypnotik Organic Pulsating Bass with Spiralling Hallucinogenic Melodies...
Originally, Crawlspace was formed solely to remix 'The Giant Eyes' ('Tales of Weirdo Hicks' trilogy 1993/ 'Sewer Music' 1994-7) music by Nimbus. It soon became obvious that this inspiring task had opened the doorways to many new... (more)


Play this track stream K Hole(Excerpt2)
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Play this track stream Twisted Desire
Play this track stream Psychopath
Play this track stream K Hole(Excerpt)
Play this track stream I Felt Like A God
Play this track stream Shivers
Play this track stream Save Yourself
Play this track stream Batshit Man
Play this track stream Consumed
Play this track stream Claws

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Drum & bass
Breaks & beats


United Kingdom



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