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Musicrow has released Hot Chilli soundset for NI Massive
Posted: 03-Mar-15

Hot Chilli is a collection of 50 sounds for NI Massive, and the first soundset in the Musicrow Massive
Food series.

From crackling tube warmth and mild distortion, to blistering leads and blazing fake guitars – Hot Chilli is
the pack for extremists! These bespoke sequences and sounds for NI Massive will add grit and warmth to
your tracks and bring sizzle and spice to your mixes.

This versatile pack will be invaluable to any creator of electronic music who values character in their
productions. We have creatively mapped parameters to Massive’s macro controls, providing a powerful
level of intuitive control over these red-hot sounds.

This chilli is damn hot. Taste it if you dare!

Web-Link: http://mcrow.net/product/hot-chilli-presets-ni-massive/
Web-Link: http://mcrow.net/

Musicrow Releases 'The Sirens' expansion pack for NI Absynth
Posted: 05-Feb-15

Musicrow has released 'The Sirens' expansion pack for Native Instruments Absynth.

'The Sirens' introduces you a divine beautiful sonic world made of female voices, that will turn your
Absynth into an enchanting vocal machine.

It includes 200 inspiring and highly playable sounds, based on 500mb of high resolution 24bit/96khz
samples. All samples were meticulously processed using top quality analog and digital processors for
creative and unusual results.

- 200 beautiful inspiring and highly playable sounds for instant use
- Based on vocal recordings of four female vocalists
- 500MB of high resolution 24bit/96khz samples
- Samples were meticulously processed using top quality analog & digital processors
- Sophisticated mod wheel assignments

'The Sirens' costs €65 and available for an introductory price of €45 until February 22, 2015.

Web-Link: http://mcrow.net/product/sirens-expansion-pack-ni-absynth/
Web-Link: http://mcrow.net/

Free Trance Samples
Posted: 13-Jan-15

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